Cabin fever 

The toddler has been brewing a cold for the last few days.  Nothing as serious as man flu, but enough to slow him down and make him sound like he’s been on 20 a day for the last 10 years.  Today, I decided to have a quiet day at home in the hope he’d have a bit of rest and be back, fighting fit before I had a chance to top up the tissue box.  We’re not very good at being home all day, me or the sproglets.  We go out everyday even if it’s just to the park for an hour so this is fairly uncharted territory for us.

Here’s a little run down of my thought process today.

1. (08 00 hrs) chilling on the sofa watching tv is quite nice, maybe we’ll have our first ever duvet / sofa day

2. (08 20 hrs)  OMG I can’t take it anymore.  No more Bing – bloody obnoxious, spoilt sodding bunny (I’d go and potter about doing housework at this point if the toddler wasn’t having a clingy day)

3. (09  00 hrs)  ok, we’ll go in the garden.  A bit of fresh air will do us all some good but we can pop inside if he starts looking peaky or baby gets cold.  Yes, yes this sounds like a good plan

4. (09 10 hrs)  why didn’t I empty all the water from the damn water toys?  Why does the same plant pot need watering 20 times?  How do we own enough plastic crap for the lawn to resemble the Early Learning Centre two weeks before Christmas?

5.  (10 30 hrs)  It’s ok, it’s nearly lunchtime, if I’m lucky he might even have a nap this afternoon.  Hang on … it’s only … fml!

6. (12 30 hrs)  alright, lunch ready.  I can do this!  He’s looking tired so a nap is almost a certainty

7. (12 35 hrs) if you don’t want bloody soup fine just don’t tip the whole sodding bowl on the floor  (thank god we have laminate)

8. (13 45 hrs)  yay!  Toddler napping and enjoying baby cuddles… I am winning at parenting!

9. (15 30 hrs) “have you done a poo in your pants?” *no further commentary required*

10. (19 30 hrs)  sproglets asleep and mummy sat downstairs with a chilled glass of Pinot scrolling through phone pics of the day.  It was a great day, home days are fun!

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