Dear Sebastian 

Dear Sebastian,

It’s been nearly 5 months since you became a big brother and, my darling boy, mummy and daddy couldn’t be prouder of you.

Yes we’ve had a few bumps along the road but you’ve shown us what a kind, caring and loving boy you are with just a sprinkling of a tantrum here and a meltdown there.

While I was pregnant I kept questioning whether it was fair to expect you to cope with a sibling after 2.5 years going solo?  Should we have had another baby sooner before you were used to having nearly all of mummy’s time and attention.  Sure, we tried not to spoil you but when you are the only one it’s hard not to.  If you’re thirsty there’s no other child in a middle of a nappy change, if you fall down there’s no other baby being held and if you want a story there’s no other baby I’m in the middle of feeding.  And yet … all of this changed for you in an instance.

We knew you loved babies and were gentle and kind with them but what would happen when the novelty wore off?  Once the excitement of having a baby to adore and fuss over vanished how would you cope with the reality of a newborn?  The cluster feeding, endless nappies and crying would take up mummy’s time, time which had been all yours.

As we expected, the honeymoon period was a happy one.  Once we got to two months we, naively, thought we’d done it – you loved your sister and had adjusted amazingly well.

Month three took us by surprise – an explosion in your language development, a growth spurt and the sudden realisation that mummy still did things when you weren’t with her resulted in some serious emotional meltdowns (some of which were Mummy’s!).  But throughout all of your frustrations and struggles you never once took it out on Lucy.  Yes, you sometimes asked for Lucy to be put in her bouncer or told me she didn’t need feeding but you were never anything but kind and gentle towards her.  If you were frustrated with anyone it was me and, my precious boy, that’s fine.  For now, we seem to be back on an even keel but there will be other rough seas to navigate soon I don’t doubt.

I must go now my darling but let me finish by saying thank you.  Thank you for every toy you’ve lobbed in Lucy’s direction when she’s started whinging, thank you for every cuddle (sometimes more wrestle than cuddle) you’ve showered her with and thank you for being the one person who can always make her laugh – not a little titter, a proper from the depths of your boots belly laugh.

Lucy absolutely adores you and already looks up to you and I couldn’t be happier  – she has a wonderful role model who I am delighted will be there to help her navigate her way through life.

I’ll love you always my wonderful boy

Mummy x

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