Why #mumwins ?

When I was pregnant with Sebastian I naively thought I could totally prepare myself for the impending challenge of motherhood.  I researched pain relief for labour, became an advocate for delayed cord clamping, attended NCT classes and spent hours looking for the right shade of green for the nursery curtains (I know – priorities!).   Clearly I had equipped myself for what was to come ……

The problem was, after a decade working in marketing I was used to organising fairly big events so thought I could just apply those organisational skills.  Having organised and executed trade stand builds, wedding receptions, tv filming and roller coaster launches I thought I could use these transferable skills to breeze my way into mum life.  Crazily, I thought throughout my parenting journey I would be in the driving seat, navigating my way through and obstacles.  How wrong was I?

From the moment I became a mother I realised I was definitely not in control. I had to be induced at 36 weeks as pre eclampsia decided to show it’s teeth.  Sebastian and I then spent nearly two weeks vacationing at hotel Le Hospital with him upgrading his room to the special care.  We eventually checked out and then, the baby that was going to fit nearly into a nap routine and I would be able to bring almost anywhere with me, developed colic and spent the next three months exercising his lungs and refusing to sleep.

For someone who was used to negotiating with suppliers, running six figure budgets and managing staff to not even be able to transport a tiny 6lb baby from my home to visit my mum 40 minutes away without tears (often mine), nappy explosions, forgetting something and wearing clean clothes was tough.

The penny dropped roughly 5 months into my new mummy role – life wasn’t the same as it was before the sproglet arrived.  Everything would take that little bit longer and sometimes things would be left slightly unfinished (usually the housework, in fact nearly always the housework).  And here was the big thing ……. that was ok!

It was ok to be running 20 minutes late to meet friends for coffee, it was ok to have not washed your hair for 5 days having developed an over reliance on dry shampoo, it was ok to not finish the supermarket shop because the sproglet was screaming blue murder and it was ok to not be on top of everything all of the time.  In fact, it was liberating!  After years is trying to perfect everything in life I was finally embracing just living in the moment and doing what was needed to just get through each day.
So, in all the chaotic mess that is family life #mumwins celebrate those moments where there is a glimpse of life before motherhood.  Not because I want to go back to that life but because motherhood and parenting is hard and to remind me to slow down, enjoy the ride and celebrate the small wins.
Why mum wins 2

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