Big dog, big problem?

Dogs and children can be a wonderful combination.  The small humans learn about responsibility and being gentle.  In return, dogs get a new playmate with the energy akin to the Duracell bunny and more people (albeit miniature ones) to love, adore and spoil them.

But what happens when your dog is supersized?


Murphy’s stats:

Weight: 50kg (nearly 8 stone)

Height: over 6 foot when standing on back legs

Breed: crossbreed – best guess German Shepherd x Rottweiler


Having cohabited with us for 6 years before we started producing small humans we knew Murphy was good with children however what we hadn’t appreciated was the logistical issues with a big dog and small humans.

Physical size
Despite seeming to think he is the size of a miniature Chihuahua Murphy takes up a substantial amount of space.  Ever seen a nearly 8 stone dog stretch out?  Think beached blue whale or wallowing hippo.  Now he’s nearly 10, Murphy spends a substantial part of the day snoozing (or rather trying to snooze whilst the toddler is tearing around the house) but he needs somewhere to snooze uninterrupted.  Our house isn’t small but neither is it particularly large so space quickly becomes an in-demand commodity.
Play dates
Bat shit crazy dog is very friendly, probably too friendly, but can be very loud – hence his nickname.  For some reason unbeknown to all of us who live with him (hhmmm perhaps not!) an oversized, 8 stone Rottweiler cross barking an enthusiastic greeting and wanting to kiss (read: lick) your child is somewhat off putting for many of my mummy friends and their offspring.  This obviously makes play dates a little tricky, it’s Sebastian I feel sorry for as only his hardiest of friends frequent bat shit crazy dog’s home.
Of course, living with an oversized dog has it’s advantages.  His presence is ever visible so the small humans will never accidentally trip over him.  He has a big appetite and is an enthusiastic clearer upper when it comes to baby weaning and toddler meal times.  There’s a whole 8 stone of him to watch over the small humans when they are sleeping, poorly or just needing a cuddle, a whole 8 stone of him to love them and a whole 8 stone of him to protect them and for that, Murphy, thank you.

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