Car calamities

Living so rurally means we have to go in the car nearly every day.  The nearest supermarket is a 20 minute drive, nursery  is 10 minutes, toddler groups are at least 10 minutes and when I’m not on mat leave work is 30 minutes.  I won’t depress myself by calculating the amount of time I spend driving each week but let’s just say you could probably read War and Peace quicker.


You’d think given the marathon amount of time the tribe and I spend in the car we’d have it down to a pretty fine art but oh no.


Sebastian – scream if you want to go faster!  As a baby any speeds below 50mph were clearly unacceptable.  Screaming was his favourite way to express this view reaching decibels akin to a teenager’s house party when the parents have gone away.  Like most baby phases this was eventually outgrown but replaced, most recently, with “Mummy stop now!”.  He’s realised I can’t pass him things, pick up whatever he’s dropped, provide a catering service and be a general dogs body whilst driving so apparently now even a 5 minute journey is too long.  Helpful!


Lucy – car journeys are fun, why should I sleep?  To be fair Lucy is by far my happiest passenger and complaints from this travelling companion are pretty limited.  Like most things in life Lucy finds car journeys a wonderfully happy experience so will spend the entire journey smiling at the back of the seat even if she hasn’t slept for hours.  This leads to a well rested, cheery baby on destination arrival – not!


Murphy – bat shit crazy dog.  Murphy views car journeys as a challenge – the challenge being how many other people, animals, vehicles can you keep away from the car at all times.  If a lorry travelling behind us decides to attack (read – comes within 20 feet of us) then the car and it’s passengers must be defended vocally, loudly and with utter commitment.  Murphy weighs 8 stone so even in a pickup this leaves the car rocking back and forth like a truck transporting a hyperactive rhino.


Safe travels all and don’t forget to buckle up.

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