Hayfever woes

I love living in the country, I’m a country bumpkin through and through.  Except for one thing …. my complete inability to cope with grass pollen. 

I knew this year would be tricky while I was breastfeeding Lucy but my god it’s been unreal.  About 3 weeks ago I stopped and seriously considered how necessary eyes were.  If they weren’t itchy they were watering.  I looked like a teenage girl circa 1997 who had just finished watching a marathon Titanic session (still don’t understand why they couldn’t both fit on that bloody door!).  Things were better if I stayed indoors but given my two year old is half feral most of the time and needs to be run ragged like an adolescent border collie that wasn’t really an option.

Last weekend I reached breaking point.   I was sat in a beer garden when a friendly farmer decided to cut the grass in the field next to the pub.  I was a snot streaming, crying mess.  After 10 mins of borderline hysterical sobbing I gave up and headed home.  
Cue a trip to the pharmacist for some help (“you have to give me something” I pleaded).  After trying the eye drops they gave which did nothing other than dry my eyes like the Sahara desert I gave in and went to the doctors.
I’m now two days into using the nasal spray they gave me and I’ve finally chanced wearing mascara again.  Fingers crossed it’s working and not just a dip in the pollen count – I can but dream.  Roll on late summer and the chance to breathe again!

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